I am so Excited to Share My Story

I have come a long way to success and am ready to help you achieve the same.

My Previous Life

Military Life

I am someone that is inspired by talking to people, learning their stories and motivating through leadership training and techniques.  My story began in 1979 when I joined the US Air Force and continues today.  My lifelong interest in teaching people how to implement personal and unique leadership techniques into their daily lives and business is my passion.  Together we can build a super solid strategic plan to take your life, career and business to the next level.  It is difficult to measure the total impact we can have on each other’s lives!

Next Adventure

Vortex Consulting was born out of the pandemic and my second retirement from federal service.  The combined 40 years of experience I have as a supervisor, mentor and instructor catapulted me into continuing to teach and become part of my community.  I truly believe, through focused instruction, I can help you and/or your organization create loyal, engaged, and focused workplaces that will be rewarding for everyone.  Call me and we can tailor a program, class, or session customized for you or your organization.

Since nothing is constant, success is really about life and how you live it



Leaders are found at all levels of a business or company. Leadership tends to be thought of only the heads of the companies. But when you create leaders at all levels, you operations are much more smoother and successful. That is what we strive for here at Vortex Consulting and part of why we do what we do. Feel Free to contact us to find out more information and how we can help you in the ways that you want, and not what others want.


How I measure success may vary from year to year and with life’s changes.  Since nothing is constant, success is really about life and how you live it.  For some clients, success is measured in profitability.  For others, success is measured in satisfaction of oneself.  It is not one dimensional for any of us.  At Vortex Consulting each program focuses on positive reinforcement–depending on what success means to each client.  Conversations and instruction center around goal setting, growth and balance.  I would love to share some of my stories about how I help people achieve success in all facets of life.

Business Coaching

Randy has worked with a number of individuals and companies like:

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