Earn More Confidence And Skills To Boost Up Your Business.

Program 1 - The Leadership Game

4-Hour leadership and Teamwork program

This is a short and hard-hitting focus on leadership and teamwork and how we can create new skills

3-Hour leadership and Teamwork program

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Program 2 - Leadership Game Plus

8-hour leadership and teamwork program

This is a one-day focus on leadership and teamwork. Focusing on what those terms mean and how they can be used in the workforce.

8-hour leadership and teamwork program

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Program 3 - The enhanced leadership training program

The Enhanced Leadership Training Program includes the Leadership Game (4 hours)

In addition, the Enhanced Leadership Training Program includes 13 1-hour leadership sessions conducted over 13 weeks. This program is a transformative leadership/personal growth training program. 17 hours total.

16-hour leadership and teamwork program

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Program 4

Surveys and Assessments

We can administer a number of different tests and assessments. Several examples include a company-specific survey, 1 on 1 interviews with employees, and the DISC personality assessment. Currently offering individual and group DISC assessments,

Surveys and Assessments

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Why Choose Me?

Grow your knowledge and stay ahead of your competitors


Understanding process, procedures, and learning skill sets that help me in and out of workforce!

Trusted Knowledge

With my many years of experience and helping people that I know that I can help you and your business too!

Anytime, Anywhere

This kind of knowledge stays with you all of the time and can be useful anywhere! Have confidence!

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